Tea, hot chocolate and Boni quick are the beverages which keeps you warm and cozy. If you want to share a cup of hot and tasty beverage with your friends, we are recommending those made by Bonito. Tea lovers will also find a joy and pleasure in our carefully selected varieties of tea.

Energy tea

Energy tea

When you run out of energy to fulfill your everyday tasks, we recommend you to consume Bonito tea called “Energy”. The combination of ginger, cinnamon and flower of elderberry is the right amount of strength for a busy and exhausting day. Ginger stimulates the work of metabolism and gives a strong smell to this tea, cinnamon with its intense smell keeps you awake and affects memory, while the flower of elderberry strengthens immunity and has detoxification effect.

1. Pour a tea bag with 2dl of hot water and cover.
2. After 6 minutes remove a tea bag.
3. Add sugar to your taste.

Ingredients: ginger, cinnamon, flower of elderberry.

Package: 20 filter bags x 2g. Net weight: 40g.