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Ovo nije još jedna reklama za čaj

This is NOT another tea commercial!

Čaj bonito

We proved that a tea advertisement does not have to be another ordinary advertisement. In order to promote more and less known natural beauties, we presented 16 landscapes throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. During this trip, we visited and filmed hidden locations that are breathtaking and represent a real treasure. Rain, snow, unmarked and impassable roads did not prevent the emergence of this unusual advertisement for Bonito teas. Untouched nature and clean water are present in every place, as well as friendly and hospitable locals.

Through the narrow streets of Počitelj, a town known for its medieval fortress in the Neretva Valley, it is possible to smell the flowers that the locals sell at the stalls. Počitelj is also known for its homemade rosehip juice.

The village Lukomir is the most populated place in BiH at 1,495 meters above sea level. Lukomir is like a living ethno museum, where one lives a traditional life. The locals said that after the first snow arrives, they move out of the stone houses and leave the village, which can then only be approached on foot or on skis.

The golden-yellow mountain slopes, complete silence and the sun rising behind the highest mountain peak, Maglić, is an unusual experience that we can all enjoy thanks to this video.

Jahorina, also known as the "snow beauty",hides the most beautiful sunset, and consuming tea on its tops was unavoidable.

With this advertisement, we wanted to present less known locations that deserve to be noticed for all the beauties they hide. Right here, in a land of untouched nature and clear water, we made Bonito tea. Where the air smells of tea, where the water connects the earth. Generations have preserved it, clean water and untouched nature. We made tea there.