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From family business to record exports - Thousands of European and African customers choose Bonito


Od porodičnog biznisa do rekordnog izvoza: Bonito proizvode biraju hiljade kupaca Evrope i Afrike

Back in 1989, a successful family story began in Prnjavor, which is an example that with persistent work and uncompromising belief in quality, it is possible to build a company in BiH that creates new value and contributes to almost 200 employees, their families and the local community. Today, the company "Mladegs Pak" does just that and achieves some of the best results in the country.

Production for respectable European chains

Building its success primarily on quality, as evidenced by the world's highest food certificates HACCP, ISO and IFS, the company's products for years have been satisfied with thousands of customers of European retail chains such as Lidl, Aldi, Rewe, Penny, SPAR and others for which the company produces. Not neglecting the importance of exports, "Mladegs Pak" and employees of this domestic producer point out that they always prefer to choose domestic raw materials of proven quality, to complete the production process in our country and thus provide the best quality needed for quality and delicious food in family lunch.

"Bonito" ketchup is a favorite of customers in Africa as well

For 30 years, there has been a domestic brand "Bonito" with an assortment of over 350 food products, whose recognizable leader and everyone's favorite side dish is certainly "Bonito" ketchup. The latest proof of quality is the success of this ketchup in the new market, this time far beyond the European markets, in the Angolan market.

The inhabitants of this great African country have shown that we have a similar taste when it comes to ketchup, and they reacted well to the quality and taste of ketchup from BiH.

"The first quantity of 100 tons of ketchup has already been used by our customers in Angola, so we reacted quickly and delivered new quantities, and next year we plan to increase these quantities to meet the growing demand for our products in this market," said Miso Lambic, Sales Director companies. In addition to Angola, Lambić cites the markets of other countries in Africa as new export targets, and for joint successes he emphasizes the merits and efforts of the partner distribution company Nelt, a leader in distribution and logistics solutions for the entire region and beyond.

"Far Angola with its 25 million inhabitants is a very challenging market with many different customs and traditions, both in terms of culture and cuisine. At least now we can say that our tastes are similar when it comes to ketchup ", reveals Mirko Malešević, the export manager who made this trade venture possible. He adds that the popularity of ketchup in Angola was certainly helped by the sympathetic coincidence of the name of the brand "Bonito", which in Portuguese, which is predominantly spoken by the local population, means beautiful or good.

New successes in the domestic market as well as in the field of exports are not a novelty for "Mladegs Pak", which for the results in 2020 was declared the first in BiH in terms of revenue in its industry.

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