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MLADEGS PAK partner "Serbian Open 2023"


MLADEGS PAK jedan od partnera “Srpska open 2023”

We were honored and pleased that our company MLADEGS PAK, together with the BONITO brand, was one of the partners of the "Serbian Open 2023", which took place this year in Banja Luka. This sports event gathered not only the biggest names from the world of tennis, but also people from different spheres of public and business life and many European countries, thanks to which Banja Luka stood side by side with the world capitals where tennis tournaments are held.

The town on Vrbas was in the spirit of tennis and a good mood for the seven days that the tournament lasted. For that special occasion, we prepared our products and interesting content for all tournament visitors, who could participate in our fun games and win symbolic prizes that were accompanied by diplomas. In the last few days, visitors were able to record memories on the podium with a 360 camera that will remind them of the tournament with our Bonito.

Players, VIP guests and all visitors on the days of the tournament had the opportunity to taste the products that we prepared at a fantastic location in the "Serbian Open 2023" fan village with the slogan CHOOSE QUALITY - CHOOSE TO BE WITH THE BEST. The Serbian tennis player who won the ATP 250 Tournament in Banja Luka, Dušan Lajović and his colleague, the tennis player Nikola Ćaćić, also chose to be with the best and took the first opportunity to visit Fan Village and Bonito and see for themselves the quality and taste, and together enjoyed our products with other visitors.

By promoting teas, porridges and muffins, we managed to sweeten this event in the best possible way. Countless visitors have tried our delicious products and received only words of praise. The sweetest, tastiest muffins could not be resisted even by the most discerning palate. More muffins were requested every day, and if you decide to make this delicious delicacy with simple preparation, this product of ours is once again on the shelves of retail markets.

Such events are an excellent opportunity to present sports potential and opportunities, investors, and successful companies. That's how we, primarily as a socially responsible company but also a successful manufacturer of food products, took advantage of the opportunity and showed that we will always be a friend of sports but also close to our consumers who will be the first to taste all the novelties from our Bonito kitchen.