Voćni čajevi

Fruit teas

Our love to the fruits has inspired us that we enjoy in his taste and smell even during the winter time. Therefore Bonito made a tea with extra fruit for perfect taste in every cup.

Biljni čajevi

Herbal teas

We carefully select every herb in order to intrigue senses of old tea lovers and those who are yet going to became. Bonito herb tea, selected for you and your senses.

Classic čajevi

Classic teas

Traditional tea from far East made his way to our cuisine and become one of the favorite drinks. With their strong taste and antioxidant characteristic green, black and their mixes surely deserve a place on your tea shelf.

Namjenski čajevi

Purposed teas

We made the best combination of plants that will contribute solving many of your problems and will become your favorite everyday activity. Teas that are helpful to your body, from now on in the Bonito assortment.


Pizza special

This is the show in which we visited the best pizza masters in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and discovered how Bonito ketchup creates special flavour of their specialties.

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