Light meals

Fast life tempo requires equally fast and healthy meal solutions. We introduce you oatmeal, flakes and cereal bran, the light meals whose preparation takes only a few minutes, and it gives your body the necessary dose of energy. Combine products and flavors, and create light meal measured by your organism for “Bonito“ beginning of the day.

Oatmeal with raspberry

Oatmeal with raspberry

A day filled with many tasks and efforts requires the input of necessary amount of energy-intensive foodstuffs. Oatmeal is an excellent solution for fast and healthy breakfast. Start a day with meal enriched with natural fibers. The refreshing taste of raspberry will wake your senses up from the early morning.

Preparation: Content of the bag put into a bowl and pour with 150ml of water which is heated to boiling, stir the mixture and leave 3-5 minutes. Desired density of oatmeal can be regulated with the amount of water. The prepared oatmeal to consume while still warm.

Package: 60g